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MICRORISC is focused on research, development, delivering technologies and hi-tech components to electronics manufacturers. Besides custom development and development of the wireless technology IQRF we offer hi-tech components such as MicrochipFujitsuHiroseKineticFormikeNeoway and Circuit Design.

MICRORISC is a Sales Representative of Neoway since April 2012 for the regions of the Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Poland, Austria, Hungary, Germany and Israel


Mission of Neoway Technology Co., Ltd. is to focus on the development and realization of the demand of the wireless applications so that people can work more efficient and have a more exciting life. One of the core competitiveness of Neoway Technology is to grasp the customer’s demand timely and accurately and work through the relevant culture, institution, IT and so on to strengthen the core competitiveness. After grasping the customer’s demand, the management team is confident to realize the customer’s demand by the use of research and development, logistics, manufacturing and other aspects of the experience and resources which has been accumulated for nearly two decades.


GSM modules: GSM & GPRS - M660, M680, 3G - Qualcomm chipset WM620 with WCDMA HSDPA

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Microchip portfolio
Microchip portfolio
Microchip portfolio
Microchip portfolio


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