IQRF Alliance at Light + Building 2016

How to make different products work in one wireless network?

The trade fair Light + Building 2016 in Frankfurt is successfully over. Its motto was ‘digital – individual – networked’. All of the smart systems and devices need to cooperate together and communicate in networks. This is the biggest challenge on the way to the IoT. The IQRF Alliance has a recipe to make various products talk together. Simply.

A perfect example of such a functioning system was presented at Light + Building 2016. The IQRF Alliance members connected their products together in one “mesh” network. This technical demonstration puts together network of street lighting system (DevTech M2M), smart parking system (CITIQ), CO2, temperature, humidity sensor (Protronix), indoor lamp  (DATmoLUX), switches, dimmers and switching box (Teco), infrared heater (Austyn INTERNATIONAL), temperature and relative humidity sensors and universal gateway (IQ Home).

The connection was performed by the IQRF wireless technology (MICRORISC). The IQRF controls all the devices by simple commands thanks to “data controlled transceivers”. This shows the main strength of the technology – its simplicity of use. It takes just a few weeks to incorporate IQRF wireless connectivity into any electronics.

The IQRF Alliance was established two years ago and today it associates over 50 technical companies and universities from the US, Great Britain, Scandinavia, Central Europe, Israel and India. “The success of the Alliance is in cooperation of individual members - developers, universities, research centers and companies. They can develop new applications, installations and systems and combine them together through the IQRF wireless technology. It is much more effective and faster way to the market,” said Simon Chudoba, CEO of the IQRF Alliance.

IQRF Alliance partners´ solutions at Light + Building 2016

The IQRF Alliance presented partners´ solutions at Light + Building 2016. There were new products and solutions available for all the visitors and they aroused a huge interest. Here we are summarizing a few examples:

BJB GmbH & Co.KG, the leading manufacturer of automated solutions from Germany, was presenting a new DALI based wireless lights at Light + Building 2016. The IQRF technology was incorporated in two months. “Thanks to the IQRF Alliance and to the support of MICRORISC we were able to finish the connectivity demonstrator just in time for the exhibition. We are grateful for the fast and straightforward work to reach this target. We felt always in professional hands and the communication was almost like we would be working together in the same office,” said Markus Spiekermann, Head of wireless team in BJB GmbH & Co.KG.

Devtech M2M from India presented modern lights with the IQRF wireless connectivity. “Lighting automation is a sphere used for remote monitoring and controlling of outdoor as well as indoor lights. Let’s use electric energy and technologies themselves as an energy saving tool,” said Vinod Jadhav, CEO of Devtech M2M.

Alarm2GSM from Slovenia came with WiCOM - a perfect home and office solution for building automation. The whole system contains door entry intercom, access control, house automation and fire and intruder protection. “It is easy to use modular system with fast and simple installation. WiCOM is based on 2G/3G mobile network with no need of LAN,” said Tomaz Hribar.

Protronix from the Czech Republic presents the new series of air quality sensors. The sensors are designed to monitor the quality of the indoor air. They measure carbon dioxide, relative humidity, volatile organic compounds and the temperature in various combinations. “We can offer not only development of control electronics, but also customized production of electronics,“ added CEO of Protronix Miloš Žáček.

“Overall presentation was a success. It was a great opportunity to meet our customers and partners and to spread the IQRF Alliance solutions into the whole world,” said Simon Chudoba, CEO of the IQRF Alliance.

Author: Adéla Slezáková in category IQRF news,

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