Wireless for every product


Reliable secure wireless technology for mesh networks

We are the manufacturer of the wireless technology IQRF. IQRF is a technological solution for manufacturers to make any device wireless, working in mesh networks and connectable to the Internet. IQRF solves one of the biggest technical challenges and customer’s needs - it wirelessly connects products to the IoT and displays Cloud data.


Custom development

Electronic and electromechanical applications

More than half of the employees are working in our R&D department. Thanks to years of good experience we also selectively realize custom development and optimization of electronic and electromechanical applications. Significant part of our production consists of visual control panels and touch displays. See our reference examples.

hi-tech cOmponents

Thanks to the direct representation of several renowned manufacturers of components, we are able to provide high quality service and support. Electronic components are supplied in large volumes even to the largest customers. Contact us for more information.

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