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Electroweekend for radio amateurs

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IQRF technology was introduced to radio amateurs at a weekend meeting in Prague. Under the auspices of the Czech Radio Club, the National Technical Museum and the OK QRP Club, 18 children aged between 8 and 16 participated in the Electroweekend. The children learned basics of IQRF wireless network, how to build the IQRF network in a few minutes and they saw data visualization using the IoT Starter Kit. Read more

First International Workshop at Cracow University of Technology

IQRF news

Microrisc participated in two-days event at the Cracow University of Technology. The workshop was focused on international cooperation between universities and companies in High voltage and IoT fields. First International Workshop on Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering was great opportunity to meet a new business partner, share own experiences and competencies with other participants and established an existing relationship as well. Additionally during workshop participants had possibility see well-equipped laboratories of Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering and discuss common research and business topics. In the event participated representants of the schools and companies from Poland, Czech, Ukraine, and Germany. Read more

MICRORISC, Protronix and IQRF Alliance partners of the O2 project Healthy school

IQRF news

Thanks to its structure and location, Smíchovská střední průmyslová škola (SSPŠ) was chosen as ideal for testing in difficult conditions of urban development and dense road traffic. "Sensors were installed in ten classes to permanently measure indoor air pollution levels through atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2), relative humidity and temperature values, and transmit these data 24 hours a day to the O2 internal system," says Petr Hájek, expert from O2. At the same time, two sensors were installed at the school to measure the level of air pollution through dust particles, and in some places outside the school windows, the noise level was also measured. Read more

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